cd Meditação Zen 30 minutos
cd Meditação Zen 40 minutos

Zen Meditation at Home

These CDs are directed at people who wish to practice Zen meditation (shikantaza) at home. It starts with a ring of the mokuhan, a wooden bell, followed by five minutes of silence. During this time, the practitioner must go to his meditation cushion, do his bows, and adjust his posture and breathing. He may also light a candle and incense, if he has an altar at home. Then, there will be three rings of the bells, to mark the beginning of the thirty or forty-minute meditation. At the end of this time, the bell will ring once again, indicating that the meditation is finished. Two minutes of silence will follow, during which the practitioner must bow on the pillow itself, then slowly get out of the meditation posture and prepare to chant the Heart Sutra. To do this, he can stay in the meditation posture, sit on his heels in the Japanese style, or stand. After the chanting, there will be two more minutes of silence. During this time, if the practitioner wishes to, he can do three complete bows to the floor. The five final tracks are: the Heart Sutra in Portuguese, the Daihi Shin Darani and three pieces of music taken from the CDs Zen Flute – Volumes I, II and III respectively. These pieces of music are performed by the Japanese flautist Y˘ichi Okada and are authentic examples of Zen music.

CD tracks
Listen to passages from this CD by clicking on the icons:

01- Han ring and 5 minutes of silence 05:02    
02- Bells at the start of the zazen 00:26    
03- 30 or 40-minute zazen 30:00    
04- Bell at the end of the zazen 00:10    
05- Two minutes of silence 02:00    
06- Heart Sutra in Japanese with offering 04:14 escute em real audio escute em media player
07- 2 minutes of silence 02:00    
08- Heart Sutra in Portuguese 06:03 escute em real audio escute em media player
09- Daihi Shin Dharani 02:58 escute em real audio escute em media player
10- Kokú (zen music) 06:08 escute em real audio escute em media player
11- Uta-renbo (zen music) 03:37 escute em real audio escute em media player
12- Sashi (zen music) 03:31 escute em real audio escute em media player



The instructions for doing the meditation are on the CD sleeve, as are the texts for the Heart Sutra in Japanese and Portuguese.
ATTENTION: These are home-produced CD ROMS, therefore some CD players may not be able to read them.

You can acquire this CD anywhere in Brazil by dialing (0xx21) 9213-0756 or by writing to the email:

Price: R$ 20.00 (Postage is included – registered mail).

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