Francisco Casaverde
                                            foto: Bruna Bulcão
Francisco Casaverde is a composer, pianist, keyboardist, arranger and music teacher. His compositions have been recorded by, among others, Fagner (Frenesi, Qualquer Música, Cartaz, Reisado, Deixa Viver, Amor e Crime); Simone (Um desejo só não basta); Belchior (Lira dos Vinte Anos, Amor de Perdição, Baihuno, Balada do Amor Perverso); Roupa Nova (Fumaça); Tânia Alves (Bocas Iguais); Ritchie (Dejá vu, Obsessão), in partnership with Fausto Nilo, Belchior, Ritchie, Caio Sílvio and others.

He is the author of the instrumental CD RUBI, which contains twelve new pieces, ten of which were written by him. In this work he mixes sequencers and electronic drums with acoustic instruments and Brazilian rhythms, counting with the participation of Mingo Araújo (percussion), Manassés de Sousa (violas) and Adelson Viana (accordion and piano). The CD was recorded during the period from January to March of 2000.

In 2000 he produced, along with the Zen monk Ryotan Tokuda, the CDs Flauta Zen - Volumes I, II and III with the Japanese flautist Yôichi Okada, containing original pieces of Zen music.

In 2003 he produced the CD Música Zen - Variações - Volume I, also with flautist Yôichi Okada. This CD contains pieces of Zen music that have been harmonized and arranged by Francisco Casaverde.

His most recent works are the CDs Meditação and Yoga - Volume I, with Adriana da Cunha. These are Yoga CDs with relaxation and concentration techniques for beginners.

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